Tribute Poem and Video by Mariya Gul Khand

In light of Informed Defenders’ first birthday, one of our incredible Defenders wrote a poem for our community!

Have you ever noticed the brightest star in the galaxy?
It’s name is AttackIQ Informed Defenders and its existence is an ecstasy.

Twinkling in spirituality along the Milky Way in secrecy,
This star’s secure fire outspreads smoke with supremacy.

It’s gravity is lost, when it comes across any form of hypocrisy,
For, like a shimmering nova, it’s a living example of a legacy;

The flare of its defense may might up anyone’s face with accuracy,
Looking at the galaxy and leaving with a smile, it may definitely be this star’s conspiracy!

The constellations are joined by light, but this star’s fantasy–
Awaits the majestic celebration of a sparkling gleam of vibrancy!

Happy Birthday to the brightest star in the Galaxy!

Thanks for the kind words and stunning video, @mariya.gul.khand! :relaxed:

Thank you so much for appreciating and sharing @hailee.buffett. Wishing many more to this community! :blush:

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Very very beautiful creation! Congratulations @mariya.gul.khand and thank you for sharing with all of us! :blush:

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Awesome Creation! Thanks for sharing

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Thank you very much @sokkaUMB! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @pratutu! ::slight_smile:

Very cool indeed, this should be shared across all platforms if not already!